Demand for iPhone SE 3 (2022) ‘dull’ says Kuo

The public does not seem to be jumping on the iPhone 3 (2022), to the point that Ming-Chi Kuo evoked a “dull request”. The analyst is based in particular on stocks and the containment in progress in China.

iPhone SE 3 2022 Official Colors

Flop for the new iPhone SE?

Kuo notes that the online Apple Store still shows stock for the iPhone SE 3 (2022), in several countries “after China’s lockdown, implying current stocks can still meet lackluster demand”. He points out that Pegatron takes care of the production of this smartphone, and Pegatron has its factories in China.

Yesterday, Pegatron said it had temporarily suspended production at its factories that make iPhones in Shanghai and Kunshan in China, as the Chinese government continues to impose shutdowns in an attempt to stem the rise in the number of Covid cases. -19 in the region.

Conversely, it’s more complicated for the MacBook Pro with Quanta taking care of production in China. There have been “a good demand since the launch” according to Kuo and the delivery time since the start of the containment in China is 3 to 5 weeks in several countries. In France, a 14 or 16 inch model will not be delivered before May 23 according to Apple.

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