Despite pandemic rebound, iPhone sales should hold up well in China

The Covid-19 pandemic is rebounding in China under the pressure of a new variant of Omicron. More than 20,000 new cases are listed every day, and entire cities of several million inhabitants are sealed off. In this context, analysts believe that sales of electronic products will experience a major slowdown and expect smartphone sales to fall sharply in the current quarter. Thereby, Neil Mawstonthe executive director of Strategy Analyticspredicts a 20% drop in smartphone sales in Q2, while Neil Shah of Counterpoint Research expects sales to fall by 12 or 13 in the months of April and May.

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The same Counterpoint Research analyst is not so pessimistic about Apple and estimates that iPhone sales in China will only drop 4-5% over the period, and still it will be mainly a seasonal decline: “Apple continues to take advantage of Huawei’s decline in the premium smartphone segment” concludes Neil Shah. Neil Mawston goes further and even considers that Apple will increase its sales in China during the year 2022, mainly thanks to the renewal of 4G mobiles to 5G: “The Android segment in China remains a brutal market, with half a dozen brands (like Xiaomi) fiercely battling over price for shrinking Android share”. Atmosphere…

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