Developers can submit “unlisted” apps [App Store]

Apple has announced that the App Store now supports unlisted apps which can only be downloaded via a direct link.

unlisted apps, app store

Apps unsuitable for public distribution can now be submitted to Apple for unlisted distribution. This way, the app won’t show up in any category, not even in recommendations or in search results and other app store listings. The only way to download these apps is to share the direct link, with the ability to distribute them through Apple Business Manager and Apple School Manager as well.

Apple explains that this change will be useful for specific enterprise applications, special events, research studies or other functions that do not involve public distribution. Unlisted apps are supported in all countries where the App Store is available. Developers can also submit the application form for unlisted apps for new and existing titles available on the store. If approved, the “unlisted” application distribution method will apply to all future releases of this application.

Unlisted apps are available to anyone with access to the link, and if the app is already available on the App Store, the current link will remain the same. Unlisted distribution cannot be used for betas and TestFlight.

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