Does iOS 15.4 drain the battery quickly? Apple responds to user complaints

Apple Support has responded to user complaints about alleged excessive battery drain following the update to iOS 15.4.

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As we have already explained, each time a major operating system update is made, it can take a few days for the battery to return to normal. iOS works in the background to optimize certain aspects, from indexing to recalibrating the battery itself. Our advice is to wait a week after the update and then draw conclusions.

In any case, given the number of complaints, Apple has decided to react on Twitter by offering an explanation and a suggestion.

“It’s common for your apps and other features to need adjusting up to 48 hours after an update.

If after this period the problem persists, please contact us privately so that we can better investigate the case and offer you assistance. »

In practice, Apple has confirmed that some iOS updates may drain more battery than normal in the first few days after installation. In most cases, the situation becomes stable again after 48 to 72 hours.

And you, have you noticed any problems even after a few days of waiting?

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