double hole, prominent camera, this is the design of Apple’s smartphone

The iPhone 14 Pro looks very different from its predecessor, the iPhone 13 Pro. For the first time, Apple trades the notch against a double hole in the screen. On the other hand, the brand completely recycles the design of the rear face. We therefore again scoop a huge overly prominent camera.

iPhone 14 pro design

After years of recycling, Apple is finally preparing to revolutionize the design of its iPhones. With the iPhone 14 range, the Cupertino giant should inaugurate a new look for its smartphones. First of all, Apple should finally give up on the notch, at least on the Pro editions.

The latest renderings of iPhone 14 Pro published by our colleagues from 91Mobiles confirm the long-awaited abandonment of the notch. These rough renderings, based on manufacturing schematics obtained from an industry source, reveal the presence of a double hole in the touchscreen in place of the notch.

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This is what the iPhone 14 Pro looks like

As the latest leaks showed, Apple won’t be satisfied with just one cavity on the screen iPhone 14 Pros. To house the TrueDepth modules necessary for the operation of Face ID, the brand relies on an elongated hole in the shape of a pill. Alongside this cavity, there is an additional tiny hole, probably to hide the photo sensor for selfies and video calls. On this side, Apple offers significant aesthetic changes.

According to information from 91Mobiles, the iPhone 14 Pro is built arounda 6.1-inch screen, like the iPhone 13 Pro. Except surprise, Apple should offer a more imposing edition, with a display surface of 6.7 inches, the iPhone 14 Pro Max.

On the other hand, the rear face resumes at the letter the design of the iPhone 13 Pro. We discover a camera whose sensors are placed in an imposing rounded square. Contrary to the statements of the first leaks, the smartphone again has an excessively prominent camera. This set up strongly protrudes from the structure. The first renderings that appeared in September, however, suggested that Apple was going to integrate the sensors directly into the back of the iPhone.

Typically, design diagrams provide an accurate look at a device’s design. At this stage, the design of the iPhone 14 Pro can be considered final. Indeed, Apple launched the first phase of production a few weeks ago.

Source: 91Mobiles

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