Emoji and different ethnicities, Apple did not infringe any patents

A US court has dismissed the lawsuit related to Apple’s emojis representing various ethnicities.


The lawsuit, filed in September 2020, said the brand “the world’s first emoji that respects diversity” was invented by the company Cub Club Investment (CCI). First used in 2013, CCI owned more than 20 copyrights and had three patent applications pending at the time relating to “ethnic” emojis.

The case has now been dismissed by US District Judge Vince Chhabria, according to Reuters. In his full ruling, the judge said that “even assuming the allegations in the lawsuit are true, the idea is all that Apple copied.”

In the United States, ideas cannot be copyrighted, only the implementation of those ideas. “There aren’t many ways someone could implement this idea”Judge Chhabria said. “After all, there aren’t many ways to draw a thumbs-up. »

Therefore, the decision established that CCI has only “weak” copyrights relating to the way its emojis are actually drawn. According to the judge, Apple’s emojis are not similar enough to violate CCI’s work.

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