Ericsson sues Apple over 5G wireless patents

Ericsson has filed another lawsuit against Apple for allegedly infringing 5G wireless patents used in iPhones.

Ericsson, 5G wireless

Apple and Ericsson are already facing each other with accusations and complaints, given that negotiations to renew the licensing agreement expired after the first stipulation dated back to 2015.

Ericsson says Apple is trying to unduly reduce 5G royalty rates because the Cupertino company accuses the Swedish company of not licensing industry-standard essential patents at fair rates and because it makes unreasonable claims.

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In the new complaint, Ericsson states that the previous agreement with Apple has expired and that a new agreement on the use of 5G technologies has not been concluded. For this reason, Apple now uses Ericsson technologies on iPhone and iPad 5G without having any license.

Ericsson invests about $5 billion a year in research, has a portfolio of more than 57,000 patents, and royalties from those patents represent about one-third of its operating profit.

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