European operators oppose iCloud Private Relay

One of the major new features of iCloud is Private Relay, which sets up an encrypted VPN-like tunnel for all iPhone and iPad traffic through Safari. Some European operators opposed the launch of this feature.

iCloud Private Relay

iCloud Private Relay is currently available in beta on iOS 15, with Apple repeatedly explaining the details of this feature. Specifically, Private Relay prevents third-party companies from determining web browsing habits.

Normally, when a user is browsing the web, basic information about their web traffic, such as IP address and DNS records, can be viewed by network providers and the websites they visit. A user can then be targeted with unwanted advertising and marketing campaigns or combine their data with additional data and sell it to other businesses. This feature prevents any kind of data sharing.

How? ‘Or’ What ? iCloud Private Relay sends a user’s browsing requests through two separate internet relays so that no entity can combine browsing activity into detailed profile information.

Some European operators like Vodafone, Telefonica and T-Mobile recently signed an open letter expressing their opposition to the launch of this feature.

The letter specifies that Private Relay prevents networks and servers from accessing “Vital network data and metadata” and that he will have “Significant consequences, undermining European digital sovereignty”. Operators claim that this function will also affect “The capacity of individual operators to efficiently manage telecommunications networks”.

In fact, it’s not clear why companies oppose Private Relay, when generic VPN services have been widely available for years and perform much of the same function. The criticism perhaps relates to the fact that Private Relay is much more accessible and easier to configure, as it is a feature built into iOS 15 that does not require a lot of configuration for those with a paid iCloud subscription. .

In iOS 15.2, Private Relay is disabled by default, but Apple said it will be enabled as standard once the feature exits beta testing.

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