Even on the graphics part, Apple’s A15 outclasses the Exynos 2200 and its AMD RDNA2 GPU

It’s done, theExynos 2200 of Samsung is very far in CPU perfs from Apple A15, but what about graphical calculations? After all, we shouldn’t forget that the Exynos 2200’s integrated GPU was designed in collaboration with AMD and that it is compatible RDNA2 (ray tracing possible, etc.). The little guys from TechPowerUp wanted to get to the bottom of it and put the Exynos 2200 through the mill of the benchmark Compute of Geekbench 5 (OpenCL and Vulkan API). The results are convincing: in the Xclipse test (Open CL), the 2200 achieves a score of 9143 points while the test under Vulkan reaches 9029 points. It’s good, very good even since the performance compared to the previous gen of Exynos increases by 50% under Open CL and by 25% under Vulkan.

These impressive scores are however not enough, far from it, to worry the A15, and even less the Apple Silicon chips. Thus, the A15 grinds well over 14,000 points in the same Compute test of Geekbench 5 and the M1 flies away at 17,000 points. As for the M1 Max, it comes close to 50,000 points (Open CL) and 70,000 points with the Metal optimized APIs. In short, despite its 4 nm EUV engraving and the active participation of AMD for the GPU part, the Exynos 2200 is not (yet) the processor that will change the game against Apple’s mobile monsters.

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