Ex-employee Cher Scarlett won’t drop Apple complaint

Former Apple employee Dear Scarlett said the company had not honored part of the agreement related to her dismissal, so she will not withdraw her complaint to the National Labor Relations Board as previously agreed.

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As Forbes reports, Cher Scarlett said her deal with Apple requires the company to publish “A company-wide memo clarifying employee rights, including a discussion of pay and working conditions in a prominent place on the People site”. The now former employee says the company posted a notice on the site, but only during Thanksgiving week, when most of the employees were on vacation: “I would say during those 7 days virtually everyone was on vacation and the warnings weren’t seen by anyone. “

According to Forbes, Apple has also ignored changes to the agreement requested by the NLRB. Scarlett left the company in November after filing a lawsuit accusing Apple of“Coercive and repressive activities which made it possible to abuse and harass the organizers of the demonstration”. Scarlett was also one of the founders of #AppleToo, the internal movement of Apple employees who began to share issues in the workplace.

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