Face ID under the screen would not arrive until the iPhone 15 Pro

Apple wants to offer Face ID under the screen, but it will obviously be necessary to wait for the iPhone 15 Pro of 2023 at least. In any case, this is what Ross Young announces today.

iPhone X Face ID

No Face ID under the screen before 2023?

The display analyst, who has had good information so far, indicated late in the afternoon that the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max will have a hole and a pill on the top of the display. to replace the notch. Rumors had initially spoken of the hole alone and then of the pill alone. Here we are finally with both.

In another tweet, he announcement that the infrared camera used for Face ID will not be under the screen before 2023 or 2024. Face ID under the screen would therefore not be available before the iPhone 15 Pro, or even the iPhone 16 Pro. This joins previous information from Ming-Chi Kuo, which mentioned an arrival for 2023.

We would therefore have to wait at least for the iPhone 15 Pro to potentially have an Apple phone with the screen that occupies the entire front surface. Everything will depend on whether Apple manages to offer a photo sensor under the screen while allowing you to have good shots. There are already smartphones with photo sensors under the screen, but the quality is far from being there. There is still work to be done on this point.

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