Fitness +: new sessions are available (Run, Walk, etc.)

It was announced, and Apple therefore kept his word. New sessions Fitness + are now available. The Courir / Time to Run sessions are somewhat modeled on the principle of Time to Walk sessions: the user is offered a specific route according to the city (or just a length of route), all with a dedicated playlist. Three sessions are available (Miami, Brooklyn and London), each lasting approximately 35 minutes. Note that the third season of Time to Walk (Marchez) is also available, with always guests who talk about everything and nothing and accompany you throughout the run. The proposed playlists range from Ed Sheeran, Pharrell Williams, through Shakira or even the Beatles.

Fitness + Run

The collections bring together series of exercises and meditation, according to specific objectives (cladding, general shape, Zen attitude, endurance, back strengthening, etc.). We therefore find:

30 day main challenge
Improve your posture with Pilates
Perfect your yoga balancing positions
Run your first 5 km
Strengthen your back and stretch your hips
Relax to sleep better

Finally, new exercises are available (outside the collection). Apple Fitness + can work with ioS15, iPadOS 15, watch OS8, macOS, or even tvOS 15 compatible devices.

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