Foldable iPhone: Apple is testing several prototypes and wondering about the future

Apple is still interested in a foldable iPhone and is currently testing several prototypes according to Dylandkt. This leaker has already had good information about Apple in the past.

Foldable iPhone: Apple would test several prototypes and question the future


Questions about the foldable iPhone

However, we will have to wait before discovering the first foldable iPhone. Indeed, Apple would estimate internally that there are still too many compromises with the current technology of the screens used on this type of smartphone. To date, it is mainly Samsung that invests in this market with its Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Galaxy Z Flip 3.

One of Apple’s concerns is the envy of consumers. Will they continue to interest a certain audience in the medium / long term or will they lose interest? Apple therefore wants to continue to observe the market, whether it is with Samsung or others, in order to see what the public reaction is, what the sales are, etc. The idea is not to reproduce the mistakes of competitors.

Also, Apple wants to make sure that a foldable iPhone will not be a regression from the models that exist today. The experience should be as good, if not better if possible.

Given the approach, it looks like the first foldable iPhone won’t be available right away. Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, for his part, spoke of a model with an 8-inch screen and a release in 2023. For his part, analyst Ross Young, specializing in screens, mentioned a release in 2023 at the earliest , suggesting that 2024 would be more likely.

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