Foldable iPhone not before 2025 and Apple device with 9-inch foldable screen in test

After information on future iPads and MacBooks with foldable screens, now it’s the turn of the iPhone. There is also talk of another 9-inch device, again with a foldable screen.

Foldable iPhone concept

You have to wait for the foldable iPhone

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, generally knowledgeable about Apple, indicated Apple is expected to launch its first foldable iPhone in 2025 at the earliest. He had previously mentioned a 2024 finish, but now points out that plans have changed, hence the 2025 finish at the earliest. He adds that it would be either a hybrid product combining the iPhone and iPad, or a foldable iPad.

The information agrees with that of Ross Young. This analyst specializing in screens had mentioned 2025 at the earliest and even expects the foldable iPhone to arrive in 2026, or even in 2027. There is still work to be done at Apple to create such a model, given the different technologies .

A 9-inch device with a foldable screen in test at Apple

On the other hand, Kuo made state of an ongoing test at Apple which concerns a device with a foldable 9-inch OLED screen. It would have a pixels per inch count that would be between the iPhone and the iPad. But this product may never be marketed, Apple would use it mainly to test with foldable screen technologies.

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