Foldable iPhone not coming out until 2024, Apple lags the competition

The foldable iPhone would be delayed until 2024. Despite the backlog of its Android competitors, Apple would wait another year before launching into the foldable smartphone market, currently dominated by Samsung.

foldable screen iPhone concept

The foldable iPhone is eagerly awaited by Apple fans. According to information that has appeared on the web in recent years, the Cupertino giant is developing its first smartphone with a foldable screen in its laboratories. Intended to replace the iPad mini, this foldable iPhone would be built aroundan 8-inch QHD + foldable OLED display provided by Samsung. It would be accompanied by an Apple Pencil stylus, the accessory currently reserved for iPads.

Most analysts, including the iconic Ming Chi Kuo, agree that the foldable iPhone will hit the market sometime in 2023, several years after Samsung’s first foldable phones. Despite the accumulated delay, Apple could even wait until 2024.

The foldable iPhone would wait until 2024, Apple is left behind by Samsung, Xiaomi and others

According to Ross Young, CEO of analysis firm Display Supply Chain Consultants, Apple is in no rush to launch the first iPhone with a foldable display. “Not planned before 2023 at the earliest, 2024 is more likely”, says Ross Young, whose predictions are based on the supply chain. This year, the American group should also inaugurate MacBooks with OLED screen.

While Apple procrastinates, Android smartphone makers are grabbing the foldable phone market. A pioneer with its Galaxy Fold and Galaxy Z Flip, Samsung has easily established itself as number 1 in the foldable smartphone market in just a few years. In ambush, Chinese brands like Xiaomi, Honor or Huawei are offering increasingly convincing alternatives in this niche market.

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By 2024, the probable arrival date of the foldable iPhone, the market for foldable phones will have changed dramatically. The niche market will have opened up to the general public with less expensive references. If the sector currently boils down to ultra high-end terminals, the arrival of more affordable foldable smartphones is expected from next year. Thanks to lower prices, foldable smartphones, including the future Z Fold 4 and Z Flip 4, are expected to experience tremendous success around the world. Will Apple manage to catch up with the accumulated delay? We await your opinion in the comments.

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