Foldable iPhone wouldn’t arrive until 2023 or 2024

Apple’s first foldable iPhone isn’t due out until 2023 at best, according to Ross Young. The analyst specializing in screens shares this information, noting in passing that 2024 seems more likely as an exit window given the progress of the project.

Foldable iPhone wouldn't arrive until 2023 or 2024


You have to wait a bit before having the foldable iPhone

There have already been a few leaks here and there regarding this infamous first foldable iPhone, although it has calmed down in the last few months. In September 2020, Samsung provided sample screens to Apple for testing. Last May, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo spoke about an iPhone with an 8-inch foldable screen.

Going forward, Kuo believes that foldable smartphones will become a “must-have” for all major manufacturers. There is already one that is well established in this market, it is Samsung with its Galaxy Z Fold. We are already on the third model. The first version had a lot of problems, but the Korean group has been able to make improvements over time and with the new models.

Kuo previously said that Apple will have to resolve “The key issues of technology and mass production” to launch a foldable iPhone by 2023. So it wouldn’t be at all surprising if the technology was delayed until 2024.

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