For the first time since 2015, the iPhone dominates smartphone sales in China

This time it’s not just a few weeks in December anymore. According to Counterpoint, theiPhone (all models combined) would have a market share of 23% in China in the fourth quarter of 2021 (+79%!), i.e. the highest market share ever recorded by Apple in this country. Apple now dominates the ranking of the biggest sellers of smartphones in China, which had not happened for almost 7 years (2015). For analyst Mengmeng Zhang, “Apple’s outstanding performance was achieved through a combination of a pricing strategy and earnings (from Pdm, Editor’s note) based on Huawei premium (in free fall, editor’s note).

iPhone Pdm china Q4 2021

The availability of a more “accessible” iPhone 13 range than the iPhone 13 Pro range would have literally changed the game for Chinese users, not to mention that Oppo, Vivo and others have experienced major problems with the availability of some components. Behind Apple, the places are expensive: Vivo has 19% of Pdm, followed by OPPO (17%), Honor (15%) and Xiaomi (12%), which has been slack for a few months. Counted in the “other manufacturers” category, Samsung is now only 4%.

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