Foxconn: iPhone production timidly restarts in Shenzhen

Production is starting up timidly in Shenzhen. foxconn has obtained authorization from the authorities to operate the site in a “closed circle”, ie with workers directly housed on site in barracks adjoining the factory! These workers are not allowed to leave a perimeter that encompasses the entire site, which seems to indicate that some workers will live for several weeks (months?) on the Shenzhen site, without being able to join their families in this time interval.

Foxconn Employees

Following the shutdown of the Shenzhen site, located in an epidemic recovery zone, production is resuming timidly with workers housed on site

Did these workers receive financial compensation in exchange for this sacrifice? Foxconn has not yet confirmed anything about this. For Apple, this restart is necessarily good news: the Shenzhen site essentially produces iPhones. Even if Foxconn has other iPhone 13/13 Pro units (notably in Zengzhou and very soon in India), the resumption of activity should make orders more fluid.

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