He criticizes Apple Music and Apple responded to him!

A disgruntled Apple Music user wrote a lengthy email to Apple to share some ideas on how to improve the app, also receiving a response from Tim Cook’s office.

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Tim Cook has always said he reads most of the email he receives from users, but it’s not very often that his office responds to a review. This time, user Dave B has recounted and shared the details of the story on Reddit, claiming that he received a response from Tim Cook’s office after sending a very critical email on the Apple Music app.

In the post, Dave B shared some ideas on how to improve the Apple Music platform, which he considers very immature and not up to the competition. In particular, the user has compiled a list of new features to integrate into the application:

  • Backend technology rebuilt with a more modern organization
  • Improved album matching
  • Better app performance on iPhone
  • “Coming” map redesigned with clearer visuals
  • Improved reading screen
  • Improved folder management for playlists
  • Longer lists on iPhone
  • Ability to zoom images with pinch to zoom
  • Discographies organized by release date
  • Elimination of unnecessary animations
  • More modern and less flat design
  • Research priorities
  • More space in the library
  • Smart playlists / filters
  • Continuity of listening between devices
  • Ability to add your favorite songs, albums and artists
  • Star rating
  • Tags and filters to improve navigation and discovery of new content
  • Possibility to switch from one audio format to another
  • Correct duplicate genres
  • View and edit metadata on iPhone and iPad
  • Viewing Analysis and Reading Statistics
  • Spotify-Style Apple Music Listening Year-End Recap
  • More options to view and sort your personal library

Apple responded that it will take this comeback seriously and that the various ideas have already been shared with the Apple Music team. And you, how would you improve Apple Music?

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