Here is a new concept of Apple’s VR headset

That Apple is working on a new VR headset is no mystery. While waiting to find out, a new concept has emerged!

apple d21 vr headset concept

Ian Zelbo strikes again by hypothesizing a new design for the Apple VR headset. The Cupertino company, as already mentioned, seems to be working on a product similar to this which could soon hit the market.

The helmet that we see in the concept faithfully follows certain stylistic imperatives already seen on other products such as, for example, the slit of the Sport Watch straps to adjust the headband to attach the helmet to the face. Another item borrowed from the Apple Watch is the metal pin that holds part of the structure.

concept headset vr apple d21 2

The part containing the curved Apple VR screen appears to be covered with glass or shiny plastic, the frame is aluminum, and the part that rests on the face appears to be made of soft plastic.

On the frame too, it seems that there is a small antenna that may be useful for Bluetooth and Wi-Fi waves.

The device could see the light of day in 2022, coinciding with the launch of the new iPhones. It is not certain that Apple will market it immediately also to give developers the possibility of creating ad-hoc software, thus launching the product on the market with an already rich software park.

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