His Apple Watch saves his life after severe fall

A few days later and we could talk about the beautiful story of Christmas: an 85-year-old Ottawa resident was saved … thanks to his Apple Watch. And this is not a simple way of speaking here. The old man fell heavily at his home, a fall that resulted in a head injury and loss of consciousness. Fortunately, the Apple Watch detected the sudden drop perfectly, and after a minute of an unanswered alert message automatically called 911 (the emergency number in the United States).

Apple Watch Series 4 Detection Cutes

The Ottawa police then received an automatic message indicating the fall and the location of our unfortunate. Apple-user. A nearby patrol (police officers Andrew Barrett and Constable Damian) responded quickly and officers were able to apply first aid measures (bandaging the head) before the medical teams intervened. The doctor who took care of the care at the hospital believes that the retiree should be able to join his family for the holiday season.

The multiplication of these “miscellaneous facts that end well” shows whether it was necessary that the health and prevention functions integrated into the Apple Watch go far beyond the simple marketing argument. In fact, the Apple Watch is the only Apple device that actually saves lives (if we exclude 911 calls made from the iPhone).

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