Hostages in the Apple Store in Amsterdam, situation resolved

The night before last, a man barricaded himself in an Apple Store in Amsterdam and held at least one person hostage. The situation was resolved without serious consequences, as confirmed by Apple earlier.

Hostages, Apple Store, Amsterdam

Apple says all employees and customers are safe and well “after this terrifying experience.” Investigators are still investigating the incident.

“We would like to thank local law enforcement for their outstanding work and ongoing investigations. Our teams and customers acted quickly and showed incredible strength and determination, and we are grateful for everyone’s support and assistance in such a difficult situation. »

The statement intervenes shortly after Dutch police arrested a man who held at least one hostage at an Apple Store in Amsterdam for several hours. During the operations, area residents were asked to stay inside and away from the store.

Several hours after breaking into the store, the shooter escaped and police arrested him soon after with the intervention of a car. The hostage inside the Apple Store is safe and unharmed.

The police have not yet discovered the reasons that led the man to make this gesture, but according to the first information it seems that it was an armed robbery.

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