How to remove watermarks from an image?

Do you want an image without a Shutterstock watermark? Then you need software to remove Shutterstock watermarks. Shutterstock is a very popular online image collection store that offers high quality images, music and short videos. It allows you to record music or upload images as much as you want, but it does not give originality rights for free.

So you must remove Shutterstock watermark for commercial or personal use. In this article we will see how to remove shutterstock watermarks from videos and photos. Also, you will find insightful details about a free software that effectively removes watermark from photos. So, let’s get to the heart of the matter.

remove shutterstock watermarks with imyfone markgo

iMyFone MarkGo Remove Watermark Without Quality Loss (Windows & Mac)

This is the best Shutterstock watermark remover software for Windows and MacOS. iMyFone MarkGo has a simple interface suitable for beginners. Moreover, the AI-powered technology allows you to select watermarks with one click using an automatic selection tool. It is a powerful tool with multiple easy-to-use functions such as brush, lasso, etc. If you are a beginner and want to remove Shutterstock watermarks while maintaining originality, this editor is for you.

How to Remove Shutterstock Watermarks with iMyFone MarkGo

Step 1: Install the iMyFone MarkGo

To start editing, the first step is definitely to go to iMyFone website and download MarkGo on Windows or Mac. After downloading, launch the software.

Step 2: Insert the image or video

In the dashboard, there will be an option to add or remove watermarks. Click on the remove watermark option and select the image or video you want to edit.

remove shutterstock watermarks with imyfone markgo 1

Step 3: Erase the watermark

After uploading the media, it’s time to delete the photo stamp. Click the convert option at the top right or bottom of the dashboard, and the image will be clear and buffer-free.

remove shutterstock watermarks with imyfone markgo 2

Step 4: Backup Media

If you think you have made all the settings and removed the unwanted marks, click the download button to save them to the device.

remove shutterstock watermarks with imyfone markgo 3

Remove watermarks with Apowersoft

Apowersoft shutterstock watermark remover is a user-friendly, simple and practical office tool. It is equipped with a valuable tool that comes with an easy to use interface and a selection tool that includes brush tool, marquee tool as well as Lasco. It is designed for novice users who can quickly get rid of unwanted objects and marks in the image.

remove shutterstock watermarks with apowersoft

Step 1: Download the software

Download the software to the device. Then install and launch it to start the process.

Step 2: Import the image

Upload your image by clicking or dragging the image directly into the software.

Step 3: Select and remove watermarks

Now highlight the watermark and then click on the convert button at the bottom of the screen.

Step 4: Backup Media

Once you have completed the process, save the image by clicking the download icon.

Remove watermark with WebinPaint

If you are running out of space in the device, you may need a reliable online watermark remover tool. WebinPaint is a great choice when it comes to online editors. It is a popular tool that has a user-friendly interface and is equipped with fantastic features to easily remove photo stamps from image. Unlike offline tools, you don’t need a download that will tie you to a single device. You can access this tool from any device you have whether it is a mobile, laptop or tablet.

remove shutterstock watermarks with webinpaint

This is a very easy to use tool that allows you to remove shutter watermarks by following 4 simple steps.

Step 1: Open the website

To start editing, visit the official site.

Step 2: Upload the image

Now you need to upload an image. You can simply drag and drop the media or click on the image upload option to upload the file.

Step 3: Select Watermark

After uploading the image, now select the watermark and click on the remove button.

Step 4: Save the file

Once the process is complete, click the download icon to save the file to the device.


  • How to Remove Shutterstock Free Watermark?

    You can crop the photo if the watermark is on the sides, but there is no need to worry if it is in the middle. You can use the best watermark removal tool from Shutterstock, for example, iMyFone MarkGo to remove it. It is an easy-to-use tool that removes watermarks with minimal effort while maintaining originality.

  • Are there free watermark removers for Shutterstock?

    Yes, there are a few options available that you can use. Search online software to remove Shutterstock watermarks and select the best editor from the site. Be sure to select the watermark removal software for JPEG images, as not all software is compatible with all formats.

  • Is it possible to remove the watermark from Shutterstock?

    The images are generally stamped in order to preserve their originality. But, this buffer can have a negative impact on the content of the digital content creator. Therefore, many effective tools like iMyFone MarkGo have been introduced to erase watermarks. They instantly remove marks without leaving a trace behind.

  • How can I get rid of Shutterstock watermarks for free?

    People usually wonder if free watermark removers are really effective and can remove photo stamps. Yes, there are many free shutterstock watermark remover software that can erase the stamp without rendering the pixels. They are user-friendly, easy to use and come with a lot of useful features to make the user easier.


It is worth investing some money in the business, but why opt for payment when you are doing the same task for free? Yes, we have reviewed the best software to remove watermarks for free. With the help of these watermark remover tools, you can easily use the photos for personal and non-commercial purposes.

The iMyFone program for PC is one of the best tools that has built-in AI technology that allows the user to remove watermarks in seconds. It is aimed at both beginners and experienced people. Why look for anything else when iMyFone has everything you need?

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