How to Use FireTV Stick on Windows?

If you are a regular at Amazon, you might be interested in this new tool that the e-commerce giant offers. Amazon’s goal? Compete with Google’s Chromecast.

What is a FireTV Stick?

This small device, the size of a USB key, is nothing but a means that allows you to broadcast different content such as music, video or image from any of your digital devices. In summary, it is a TV stick to be plugged into the HDMI port of your television to connect it to services like Amazon Prime Video or Amazon Music and allow Alexa holders to be able to connect their device and take advantage of voice commands.

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Please note that not all computers are compatible with Miracast technology, used by the FireTV Stick. It is therefore important, first of all, to check that your devices are. If so, and your computer has an HDMI input, congratulations, you can use it on Windows. It will therefore be possible to take advantage of the advantages of this new device on your pc if you do not have a TV, or possibly connect it to a TV which does not have an HDMI port.

To do this, it will be necessary to activate screen sharing by going to the settings then “Display and sounds” of your FireTV Stick key. Your key will then be detectable. Then go to your computer, running Windows 11, and connect your computer to a wireless display device by pressing the Windows and P keys simultaneously. You will find your key detectable due to the previous step. Thus, your television screen will display that of your computer. To stop this screen sharing, click any button on the FireTV Stick remote.

Securing the Fire Stick

In an age of cyberfragility and the emergence of many potential threats, security is key. It will therefore be necessary to protect your device, like all the others. It is particularly recommended to use VPN to protect your Fire Stick. In addition to additional protection, you will be able to enjoy a wider choice of catalogs from different countries by bypassing the geo-restriction.

For the VPN to work, you will first need to activate the app from the Amazon appstore on your FireTV Stick, then all you have to do is initiate the connection. Namely, in case the VPN is not registered in your Amazon cloud space, you will have to install it manually.

You now know everything about this new device offered by Amazon, don’t hesitate to let yourself be tempted to enjoy streaming on all your screens.

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