iCloud servers plagued by too many bugs according to developers

iCloud servers, used by millions of users around the world, appear to be a real ordeal for developers. So many problems that complicate the lives of developers on a daily basis.

iCloud servers

As reported on the support forum and via social media, several CloudKit-related connectivity issues have persisted since November. The most common error is related to failed requests, with http status code 503. This error actually seems to cause several issues when syncing data between the device and the iCloud server.

GoodNotes developers had to release a support document for customers encountering these error messages. The application obviously retries immediately, but the developers cannot accurately predict the consequences of these errors.

“HTTP 503 is a temporary error code (“Service Unavailable”) and indicates that iCloud servers are not properly responding to requests from your devices. The error is usually resolved when GoodNotes retries automatically, but we receive many reports of persistent errors that can cause sync issues. »

Developers whose apps have never raised issues have also encountered the problem. Also on the Apple Support Forum:

“I have the same problem with a relatively small percentage of my users. They get 503 errors, but not last year. My code has not changed. I don’t even know how to file bug reports because I can’t reproduce the problem on my devices. »

There are also reports on social networks:

We hope that Apple takes action to resolve these issues as soon as possible.

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