Identity papers on iPhone will be accepted at airports

The iPhone and the Apple Watch will be able to store the identity card and the driver’s license, starting in 2022. These documents in digital format, which will be in the Wallet application (which is called Cartes in French) will be accepted in several places, including airports.

Identity papers on iPhone will be accepted at airports

IPhone to verify identity at airports

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA), the US transportation security agency, will accept the driver’s license stored on iPhone and Apple Watch at airports in two states. It will be a reality from February. Two other states will be added to the list as of March. The list will naturally grow richer over time. However, the TSA does not say which airports will accept the document in digital format, just as it does not say which are the first participating States.

Operation will be simple: all you have to do is bring your iPhone or Apple Watch to an NFC terminal or scan a QR Code to initiate the identity verification procedure. A TSA employee will be present to supervise the system. But the goal is to speed up the process, the employee will only intervene to make sure everything went well.

In September, Apple announced that the first states allowing residents to add their driver’s license or ID card to their iPhone or Apple Watch were Arizona and Georgia, followed by Connecticut, Iowa, Kentucky, Maryland, Oklahoma and Utah. We can therefore imagine that some of them will be affected by identity verification at airports.

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