iMessage: Google accuses Apple of intimidating Android users

As everyone knows, iMessage is only available on Apple products and Google criticizes this point, believing that Android users are left out. According to Google, Apple treats Android users like second-class citizens.

IMessage iPhone Conversation

When Google criticizes iMessage

IMessages are in blue, and text messages with Android users (or those with an iPhone that don’t activate iMessage) are in green. This has made iMessage a status symbol among teens (especially in the US), creating pressure for young people to buy iPhones. Showing off in a group chat as a green bubble has become, for some, a social faux pas. This may come as a surprise and yet it is a reality. The Wall Street Journal recently devoted an article to this subject.

โ€œIMessage shouldn’t benefit from bullying. The messages should bring us together and the solution is there. Let’s settle this as one industry โ€, tweeted the official Android Twitter account. He quotes a tweet from Hiroshi Lockheimer, a Google vice president who oversees Android, Chrome, Chrome OS, the Play Store, and Google Photos. โ€œApple’s iMessage lockdown is a documented strategy. Using peer pressure and bullying as a means to sell products is not sincere for a company where humanity and fairness are at the heart of its marketing. The standards exist today to solve this problem โ€, he said.

RCS to the rescue

The implicit solution mentioned is the RCS, namely the successor to the SMS. It’s already in place on Android and offers several benefits, including delivery receipts, sending good quality images and videos, better-managed group chats, the ability to converse over Wi-Fi and more. again. Apple does not support RCS with its products and only SMS as a spare wheel if iMessage is not available.

Speaking of messaging, Google is not a good student. As Ron Amadeo, editor-in-chief of Ars Technica, noted, on Twitter, the search giant has launched 13 separate messaging apps since iMessage released in 2011. Most of them have failed.

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