iMessage is down for some users

Third failure for Apple this week, it seems to only concern iMessage for the moment. Several users report the inability to send or receive messages with Apple Mail. There are also issues with sending and receiving photos, videos, or voicemails.

iPhone iMessage Chat

Outage in progress for iMessage

Unlike the previous outages (Monday and Tuesday) which were global and affected all of Apple’s services, the one for iMessage seems to affect certain countries. In particular, there are reports from users in the United States. This is confirmed by taking a look at DownDetector.

In France, a few people mention a problem on Twitter.

Apple’s system status page doesn’t suggest any particular issues. But it’s worth noting that this page often takes time to update and confirm outages.

Apple hasn’t publicly explained why outages are high this week. As said before, this is the third. Should we expect a fourth for tomorrow? Hope the answer is no…

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