In 2021, the iPhone reached its highest market share in Europe

L’iPhone had a very special year in 2021 on the European market. The figures from Counterpoint indeed show a two-sided year, with the share of the iPhone (as a percentage of market share) falling sharply then stagnating from January to August… before rebounding very strongly until the end of the year. Competitor Xiaomi followed the somewhat opposite course, with a growing Pdm (market share) until July, followed by a hell of a “tumble” from July to December. On the side of Oppo and Realme, on the other hand, it is dead calm, the two companies vegetating between 2 and 8% of Pdm over the whole year.

iPhone pdm 2021

Despite its complicated good half of the year, the iPhone was finally a hit in Europe, with an average market share over the year of 26% (+25%), the highest ever recorded by the iPhone on the old continent. . Xiaomi is progressing stronger (+50%) but remains behind in Pdm (20%) while Samsung dominates the fray with 32% (+6% only), which is exactly its 2020 market share, which is rather logical given that the mobile number one grew a little less quickly than the European market as a whole (+8%).

iPhone PM 2021

Behind the top three, the gap is already made since OPPO has to be content with 8% of Pdm in 2021 (but a nice increase of 94% compared to 2020), and Realme does not exceed 2% of Pdm (this which is still twice as much as its 2020 score). Vivo doubles its sales, but the volume is so low that its market share remains stuck at 1%. As for the “other” manufacturers, gloom dominates with an overall Pdm in free fall of (-55%). 23% in China in Q4 2021, 26% in Europe over the year, the iPhone has achieved great success in major markets. Will the trend continue this year?

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