In Russia, iPhone prices are up 50%

The prices of Apple products are soaring in Russia, especially the iPhone. This follows the measures taken by Apple and other financial restrictions imposed by different countries.

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iPhone prices rise in Russia

Apple has already announced that it will suspend the sale of all products in the country, given the war in Ukraine following the Russian invasion. But that doesn’t stop resellers in Russia with stock from selling iPhones and other devices. This is precisely where the prices soar.

A study by iMore reveals that a 1TB iPhone 13 Pro Max that cost 239,990 rubles at the beginning of the month is now available for 263,990 rubles. If we make a conversation, we come across 2,302 euros. In comparison, the price in France and in many European countries of the same iPhone is 1,839 euros.

For its part, the model with 128 GB of storage cost 109,990 rubles. It then rose to 149,990 rubles and today wants to be 189,990 rubles. On average, the various iPhones are experiencing a price increase of around 50% according to the resellers.

Apple’s decision to halt sales of its products in the online Apple Store in Russia dates back to March 1. On the same date, the company said it was stopping exports to the country, removing RT and Sputnik media apps from the App Store internationally, as well as cutting real-time traffic in the Maps app.

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