iOS 15.2 now displays repair history

With the iOS 15.2 update, Apple now offers a history of repairs made to the devices on compatible iPhones. This inventory is accessible from the settings of your iPhone.

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As you may know, Apple made a historic decision at the end of November 2021: the possibility for users to buy spare parts to repair their iPhone themselves. A small revolution in itself, as the apple brand had been resistant on the subject. Until then, iPhone owners had to go through a Genius Bar or an authorized repair center, sYou can barely see the device’s warranty canceled, outright.

A decision also preceded by an important announcement from the Apple brand: third-party repairers can now replace the screen of an iPhone. Until then impossible, this restriction has been lifted with the arrival of the iOS 15.2 update. Indeed, with this latest version of the OS, Apple has given up on deactivating Face ID in the event of a screen change by a third-party repairer.

However, we learn this Wednesday, December 8, 2021 thatiOS 15.2 also provides access to repair history on compatible iPhones. Indeed, this inventory is available in Settings> General> Information. Depending on your device model, the information displayed will differ.

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iOS 15.2 includes a history of repairs

For example, on iPhone XR, XS, XS Max and SE 2, the change of a battery will be indicated. On the iPhone 11, the installation of a new screen will also be recorded, while on the iPhone 13, information relating to the replacement of a photo sensor, battery and screen will be recorded.

Furthermore, this section will specify whether the new part installed is approved or not by Apple. If not, a small warning sign icon will be affixed next to the part of unknown origin. In addition, the user will be able to know if the part was used previously on another iPhone or if it is not working properly.

If this history of the after-sales service will obviously be useful to its owner, it will be especially for repairers approved by Apple who will in fact be able to obtain more information about the device. On the other hand, customers who choose to have their iPhone repaired at a third-party repairer will be able to ensure the good quality of the parts through this tab.

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