iOS 15.3: the public beta is available

Apple is now offering the first public beta for iOS 15.3 on iPhone and iPadOS 15.3 on iPad for download. The equivalent version for developers saw the light of day Friday evening, to everyone’s surprise.

First public beta for iOS 15.3

First public beta for iOS 15.3

There’s not much to eat with this first (public) beta of iOS 15.3. Apple has changed the wording regarding the newly launched child safety features, revised the Podcasts app slightly, and changed some text regarding the automatic download of magazines in Apple News + for offline reading. Hopefully there will be more changes with the following betas.

If your device is configured to receive public betas, go to Settings> General> Software update. You will be able to grab the iOS 15.3 public beta. If not and you want to join the adventure, go to, sign in with your Apple ID and let yourself be guided. You will need to download a profile to switch your iPhone or iPad to the public beta channel. All you have to do is restart your device and then go to Settings> General> Software update to download the new version.

Apple is not yet saying when the final version of iOS 15.3 will be available to everyone. Nonetheless, one can easily imagine that it will arrive in early 2022.

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