iOS 15.4.1 is available for download

Apple is releasing the iOS 15.4.1 update for iPhone and iPadOS 15.4.1 on iPad today. It comes a little over two weeks after the final version of iOS 15.4 which had been an opportunity to welcome several new features.

iOS 15 Logo
Availability of iOS 15.4.1 update

As you can imagine, iOS 15.4.1 is a corrective update and not a version that adds new features. Its build number is 19L452. By comparison, the build number for the final release of iOS 15.4 is 19E241.

To download iOS 15.4.1, head to Settings > General > Software Update. You will be able to start the download and then operate the installation in stride. Otherwise, you can download the firmware from our dedicated page and then do a manual installation via the Finder (macOS) or iTunes (Windows).

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