iOS 15.4 adds new filters in the Podcasts app

The third beta of iOS 15.4, available now, is an opportunity to have new filters in the Podcasts application. Apple therefore continues to improve its application, after several criticisms from users.

iOS 15.4 Beta 3 Podcasts Filters

Image 9to5Mac

Filters for the Podcasts application on iOS 15.4

Once a podcast is selected, the app with iOS 15.4 offers “All Episodes”, “Unread” and “Downloaded” filters. This will make it easier for users, especially for those who only want to focus on unread or already downloaded content. It’s a way of sorting.

Another novelty is the possibility of choosing a specific season of a podcast, as one can do for a TV series. Again, it’s a way to quickly focus on specific content, rather than having dozens and dozens of podcasts listed one after the other. Note, however, that this functionality requires work on the part of the creators: they must ensure that they have done what is necessary on their side. If they haven’t done anything, then all the episodes will be grouped together, as if there was only one season.

Speaking of iOS 15.4, the third beta adds a warning to the Settings app. Users are advised to verify that the settings for the Emergency Call feature information are correct. This is just a warning, there is nothing new for the functionality itself.

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