iOS 15.4 allows Face ID to be used with a mask

Apple today offered the first beta of iOS 15.4 and this one allow to unlock your iPhone with Face ID and a mask. An Apple Watch is not required in this configuration. This will be very practical in this period of Covid-19.

iOS 15.4 Beta 1 Face ID With Mask

Use Face ID with a mask thanks to iOS 15.4

A new setting allows Face ID to be used with or without a mask. Apple specifies that facial recognition works best when there is no mask, but the iPhone is able to recognize elements around the eyes to recognize (or not) the user.

Apple clarifies that it is not necessary to wear a mask when setting up Face ID. The system will automatically analyze the area around the eyes to notice certain elements. Thus, it will then be possible to unlock your iPhone without any problem and especially without the need to remove your mask.

A look in the settings shows that there is a new option to activate or deactivate the new recognition. Those who wish can always request that the recognition be done without the mask for a little more security. Also, a new setting “Add glasses” has appeared and allows to improve Face ID when the user wears glasses and a mask.

Apple does not yet say when iOS 15.4 will be available to everyone. We are only in the first beta.

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