iOS 15.4 and IPv6: Free Mobile fixes the bug preventing access to sites

Free Mobile has fixed an annoying bug for users with the iOS 15.4 beta, related to IPv6. It was no longer possible to browse several websites with his iPhone. This is now fixed, without the need for a new iOS update.

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The bug with IPv6 and iOS 15.4 at Free Mobile is over

You should know that there is IPv4 and IPv6. The problem of the first is that the stock of addresses is running out, hence the arrival of the second to have significantly more. An IPv6 address is 128 bits long, or 16 bytes, compared to 32 bits/4 bytes for IPv4. An IPv4 address has the form, where an IPv6 address has the form 2001:0db8:0000:85a3:0000:0000:ac1f:8001.

It turns out that the beta of iOS 15.4 caused a mess among Free Mobile customers, with the switch to an IPv6 address without an IPv4 equivalent. Suddenly, all sites that did not accept IPv6 were inaccessible.

Today the operator confirmed that the bug is fixed. As we can read, simply turning airplane mode on/off or restarting the iPhone is enough to fix the problem.

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