iOS 15.4: Apple Pay works with Face ID and a mask

iOS 15.4 is going to be an interesting update for a number of reasons, including the ability to unlock your iPhone with Face ID while wearing a mask. New information has since arrived: it will also work with Apple Pay.

iOS 15.4 Beta 1 Face ID With Mask

Apple Pay will also work a mask

With iOS 15.4, Face ID will scan the area around the eyes if the user is wearing a mask. This will be enough to make a recognition. Apple nevertheless specifies that facial recognition without the mask remains more secure because there is a complete analysis of the face. One would naturally think that the use of Apple Pay with Face ID requires removing the mask in view of the best security, but this is not the case.

Another news (bad for once) that we learned this morning is that it will take at least an iPhone 12 to take advantage of the unlock while keeping the mask. Apple does not explain publicly what is the reason that prevents use with the iPhone 11 or earlier models. We will have to see if the situation will change with the next betas, but it would be surprising. The possible reason is that the latest iPhones have some changes to the facial recognition sensors.

Apple does not yet say when the final version of iOS 15.4 will be available for everyone. The first beta having emerged yesterday for developers, we can imagine that the stable version will not arrive for several weeks.

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