iOS 15.4 beta 2 adds Tap to Pay to turn iPhone into TPE

Apple today announced Tap to Pay for the iPhone and it’s now live with iOS 15.4 Beta 2. This is available for download for developers, the version for public testers will soon be available.

Tap to Pay comes to beta 2 of iOS 15.4

Tap to Pay comes to beta 2 of iOS 15.4

Tap to Pay allows a merchant to use their iPhone as a payment terminal. A customer can thus make a payment using Apple Pay with his iPhone. He can also use his bank card and approach it to the merchant’s telephone so that the contactless payment can be made. All this is possible thanks to NFC, so you must have at least an iPhone XS, whether for the merchant or the customer. Note that it is also possible to use the Apple Watch to pay.

iOS 15.4 Beta 2 includes code for Tap to Pay. But it is not yet possible to use it because it is necessary to develop the system which will allow merchants to have the iPhone as a payment terminal. The basis is at least there at the iOS level.

iOS 15.4 Tap to Pay

Developer Steve Moser found the image above in the new beta, along with a new sound file called “PaymentReceived” and various lines of code for rewards and refunds.

Unfortunately, Apple only announced Tap to Pay support for the United States. There is no information regarding international availability.

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