iOS 15.4 beta 2: further improvements for Face ID and facial recognition with mask

We know it, iOS 15.4 will allow the unlocking of the iPhone including when the user wears a mask. This welcome improvement in these times of pandemic obviously requires good visibility of the eyes, which are now enough to determine the identity of the person. And in the event that the Truedepth camera on the front does not manage to distinguish the peepers well, beta 2 now plans to display a small message, “Look at the screen to unlock”.

iOS 15.4 Face ID Mask Crops

It may not be much, but it will not immediately access the display of the code entry screen. Of course, in the event that Face ID still fails to recognize the user’s eyes (after the message has been displayed), he will then be asked to enter the code. Note that this type of message was already displayed on iPad Pros with Face ID, but for some very mysterious reason, Apple had not seen fit to integrate this warning into iOS. Finally, remember that the Face ID unlocking function with the mask will only be offered on the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13.

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