iOS 15.4 is available: the list of new features

Apple is now making the final version of iOS 15.4 available on iPhone and iPad, this is an opportunity to take a look at the new features. And for once, there are several unlike the previous version, namely iOS 15.3.

iOS 15.4 is available: the list of new features (Face ID, new Emojis, Universal command...)

List of new features for iOS 15.4

Among the main new features of iOS 15.4 is the ability to unlock your iPhone with Face ID while wearing a mask. It is worth noting that this requires having an iPhone 12 at least. Face ID scans the area around the eyes to identify the person. Those with an iPhone 11 or older model will not be able to enjoy it.

iOS 15.4 Face ID Mask

There are also 37 new Emojis. New Emojis include a melting face, a diagonal mouth face, and a waving face. There are also many new Hand Emojis, in different skin tones and combinations, including handshake, heart-shaped hands, and hand with index finger and thumb crossed. In terms of Emojis for people, there is a person with a crown, a pregnant man and a pregnant person. There is also a troll, a nest with and without eggs, a disco ball and a bitten lip.

Draft Emoji 14.0

In addition, we find a first support for Tap to Pay (which will transform the iPhone into a payment terminal), a new neutral voice for Siri (in English), new alerts to limit spying with AirTags or even support for the European vaccination pass in the Health and Maps applications.

Another important point on iPad is the support of the Universal Control feature, linked to macOS 12.3 on Mac. Now all you need is a single keyboard with mouse or trackpad to control a Mac and an iPad, or even several. Move the cursor from your Mac to your iPad. Type text on your Mac and see it appear on your iPad. And you can even drag content from one Mac to another.

Universal Control macOS Monterey 1 Universal Command

How to install the update

iOS 15.4 is available now for download by going to Settings > General > Software Update. Otherwise, you can download the firmware from our dedicated page and install via the Finder (Mac) or via iTunes (Windows PC).

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