iOS 15.4 is coming next week, Face ID will be able to unlock your iPhone even if you’re wearing a mask

The iOS 15.4 update is coming to all compatible iPhones. Thanks to this new version of iOS, Face ID will be able to recognize you even if you are wearing a sanitary mask. Unfortunately, this possibility will be confined to the iPhone 13 and iPhone 12.

iphone face id protective mask

The health crisis against Covid-19 has generalized the use of the mouth mask. The mask, which covers the nose and the entire lower part of the face, has rendered Face ID unusable For many months. The facial recognition of the iPhone indeed needed to scan the entire face of the user to unlock the device.

To adapt to the constraints of the pandemic, Apple has integrated several changes in the code of iOS 14. If the iPhone detects the presence of a mask, the unlock code is automatically requested. Additionally, Apple allows Apple Watch users to unlock their iPhone with Face ID even if they are wearing a mask.

Apple will roll out iOS 15.4 next week

With iOS 15.4, Apple will go even further to make life easier for users who don’t have a connected watch. With this update, Face ID will be able to recognize you even if you are hiding behind a sanitary mask. To achieve this, facial recognition is then content topartial face scan focusing on the visible area. Face ID then compares the top part, including the eyes, with information from its database to unlock the iPhone.

Until now only accessible in beta version, the iOS 15.4 update will be deployed on all compatible iPhones from the week of March 14. Apple announced the imminent rollout of the update during the iPhone SE 5G, Mac Studio, and iPad Air keynote. Given Apple’s habits, it is likely that the firmware will be deployed on Monday March 14, 2022 during the evening.

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As the version approaches, Apple has deployed the Release Candidate, an almost finalized version, for members of the beta program. The changelog for this update suggests that the Face ID with mask option will be reserved for iPhone 12 and iPhone 13. Previous models will be visibly deprived of the feature.

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