iOS 15.4 prepares for license and ID card on iPhone

The second beta of iOS 15.4, available for developers, added a new line of code regarding driver’s license and ID card support on iPhone. This shows that Apple continues to work on this feature.

iOS 15.4 prepares for license and ID card on iPhone

The license and the identity card on the iPhone with iOS 15.4?

Developer Steve Mosser spotted the following line of code in iOS 15.4 Beta 2: “Find out when your driver’s license or national ID card is ready to use and get important information about your ID card”.

Apple originally said driver’s license and ID card support on iPhone was due to arrive in late 2021 with an update to iOS 15. But the company announced in November that the feature was finally postponed to the beginning of 2022, without further details on the date. An arrival with iOS 15.4 is therefore possible, knowing that the update to the final version should be available after the keynote in March.

Last year, Apple announced that Arizona and Georgia would be among the first states to support the feature, and clarified that Connecticut, Iowa, Kentucky, Maryland, Oklahoma and Utah would follow. Other states like Colorado, Delaware, Florida and Louisiana already offer their own digital ID apps and could work with Apple for integration into iOS.

It is worth noting that Apple is currently talking about availability in the United States. The manufacturer says nothing for France or other countries. Suffice to say that we will have to wait…

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