iOS 15.4: Safari no longer saves password without username

Apple is making a change to Safari and iCloud Keychain with iOS 15.4 and macOS 12.3. It is now mandatory to put a username, saving a password alone is no longer possible.

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Change with iOS 15.4 and passwords on Safari

If you try to save a password on Safari but it is not linked to a username, the browser displays a pop-up saying: “To save this password, enter the username for the account of [nom du site] ».

On Twitter, Ricky Mondello, a Safari team worker, indicated that Apple did it for “intentionally address a sensitive point”.

iOS 15.4 is currently available in beta. The third beta for developers was released yesterday and the equivalent version for public testers was released today. The final version should normally arrive around March 8, when Apple would hold a keynote to notably present the new iPhone SE.

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