iOS 15.4 will include a tool to estimate the condition of a used iPhone

Apple will offer a new tool with iOS 15.4 that will allow you to make a better estimate of your iPhone that you are about to exchange. Apple wants to help consumers.

iOS 15.4 will include a tool to estimate the condition of a used iPhone

An iOS 15.4 tool to estimate a device

Code buttons from the first beta of iOS 15.4 mention to this new tool to estimate a second-hand product, but the details are still light. It would seem that we can use the camera of the iPhone to determine the possible defects of its device: small shocks, cracks, etc. The idea that the tool determines the general state in order to fill in the form when making an exchange to have a credit and to be able to use it to buy a newer device.

Apple takes all of these details into account when determining the price it will pay for the customer’s old device, because an iPhone with a scratched or cracked screen is worth less — or even cannot be traded back — than an iPhone in good condition. . The new tool should make the whole trade-in process more accurate and faster, with data automatically transmitted to Apple.

The iOS 15.4 beta may include code for this new feature, but the tool is currently not accessible. We will have to wait for the next betas to test it, or wait for the final version. Apple does not yet say when the final version will be available for download.

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