iOS 15.4 will offer notifications for Web Apps

Apple is laying the groundwork with iOS 15.4 to enable web apps to support notifications. Applications from the App Store have already been entitled to it for years now, as have sites on macOS.

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Notifications for Web Apps with iOS 15.4

As developer Maximiliano Firtman noticed, the beta of iOS 15.4, available for a few days, integrates two new buttons in the experimental features of Safari, namely “Built-in Web Notifications” and “Push API”. Both options, although present, do not yet work. But it shows that Apple intends to offer notifications for Web Apps from iOS 15.4.

Several services had to offer Web Apps, rather than applications available on the App Store. This is due to Apple’s restrictions. This is particularly the case for cloud gaming services with Microsoft’s Xbox Cloud Gaming (xCloud), Google’s Stadia or Nvidia’s GeForce Now, which are only available via Web Apps. You have to go through Safari to enjoy the experiences. Now they will be able to send notifications to users.

iOS 15.4 is currently in beta for both developers and public testers. Apple does not yet say when the final version will be available for everyone to download. A release in the spring, however, seems more than likely.

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