iOS 15 blocks a flaw that transmits information from your Apple account to applications

Apple is sharing new iOS 15 security information, including a flaw that allowed third-party apps to collect information from your Apple account.

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A major flaw fixed with iOS 15

According to Apple, a malicious application could be able to access certain information related to the user’s Apple account or recent search terms in the application. The access issue has been resolved with additional sandbox restrictions for third-party apps.

A surprising element in this matter is that the fix has been in place since iOS 15, the version that saw the light of day in September 2021… but Apple only revealed it this week. Indeed, one can read on his site “Statement added on January 19, 2022”.

It’s not the only addition actually. This is because iOS 15, iPadOS 15, and watchOS 8 fixed a security flaw that could allow a third-party app to bypass privacy preferences. Apple does not provide more information on the specifics. The group also does not indicate whether this flaw could have been exploited by malicious people. And again, the addition of the mention took place this week.

Apple recently revealed that iOS 15 is installed on 63% of iPhones and 49% of iPads. That’s down from the same period a year earlier with iOS 14.

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