iOS 15 is installed on almost 60% of iPhones and iPads

iOS 15 has been available for download for 80 days and its installation share is now close to 60% according to Mixpanel data. In detail, the share of iOS 15 is 58.46%, that of iOS 14 is 36.81% and that for previous versions is 4.73%.

iOS 15 is installed on almost 60% of iPhones and iPads

60% adoption share for iOS 15

Mixpanel previously noted that the adoption of iOS 15 was lower than that of iOS 14 last year. It must be said that the new update ultimately includes few notable new features, unlike iOS 14 which had been talked about a lot on social networks. This was explained in particular by the widgets and the fact of having a notification for the calls in order to be able to continue to do something else on his iPhone during the ringing.

Another factor that may explain the decline in adoption is the fact that Apple is less “forcing” users to upgrade to the latest version. Those on iOS 14 can stay on it and continue to get security updates.

You should know that Apple offers its own monitoring for the adoption of iOS, but the group has not updated it since … June 2021. At that time, 85% of iPhones were running iOS 14 and 79% of iPad running iPadOS 14. Apple does not say why it has not updated its data for several months, especially since iOS 15 has been available since September.

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