iOS 15: Siri can no longer rate songs on Apple Music

Siri is getting a little less interesting when it comes to Apple Music, with the assistant not being able to grade songs since iOS 15. The solution is to do it by hand.

iOS 15: Siri can no longer rate songs on Apple Music

Siri can no longer rate music on Apple Music

Previously, it was possible to listen to a song on Apple Music and launch Siri to ask it to rate it with a certain number of stars. For some surprising reason, this option disappeared with iOS 15. It did not come back with iOS 15.1 and iOS 15.2, which claims to be the latest version. And it looks like it’s still not here with the iOS 15.3 beta.

“I’m sorry, unfortunately I can’t do this”Siri replies when asked to rate a song. Apple has not publicly indicated why this feature has disappeared.

The ability to rate Apple Music songs with Siri was introduced with iOS 8, when the streaming service came into being. Users typically rely on this feature to rate songs in their library when listening hands-free through CarPlay, exercising while wearing AirPods, or creating smart playlists based on ratings. In recent weeks, users have complained on the Apple forums and on Reddit about the removal of this feature.

No one knows for now whether Apple will reinstate this feature. In the meantime, those who want to note the music must do so by hand.

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