iOS 16: Apple will improve the Concentration mode

Apple will present iOS 16 in two months at WWDC 2022 and one of the new features will affect Focus mode. Recent leaks have also reported new features for notifications and health tracking.

iOS 15 Focus Mode

New for Focus mode

Focus Mode debuted with iOS 15 and, as the name suggests, helps you stay focused. Thus, we can mute notifications for a certain period. You can also create profiles to authorize certain elements and block others so as not to be disturbed. Apple will go further with iOS 16.

Digging through the iOS 15.5 beta, 9to5Mac spotted snippets of code that hint at iOS 16 and Focus Mode:

Using an allowlist for this focus mode will cause these settings to be lost on your other devices with newer software.

A device with newer software has updated this Focus mode to use a new configuration that this device does not support. To continue changing notifications on this device, update to the latest software or use an allowed list for this Focus Mode.

It must therefore be understood that iOS 16 will have new features in Concentration mode and that these elements, once activated, cannot be found on iPhones, iPads or Macs that are not up to date.

A similar story for Apple News

A similar story is going to concern Apple News. The application listing news from several media has a piece of code indicating: “Sorry, you need to upgrade your device to view this content” and “Sorry, News is no longer fully supported on older devices”. A priori, iOS 16 will bring changes to Apple News with specific content that can only be viewed on up-to-date devices. Also, the second sentence suggests that some iPhones supporting iOS 15 will not be able to install iOS 16.

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