iPads still dominate the tablet market, even in 2021

A new study confirms that Apple has sold nearly twice as many tablets as its closest competitor, but iPad growth is slowing in the US and other parts of the world.

iPad sales, tablet market

Apple CEO Tim Cook said iPad sales in recent months have been held back by a shortage of chips. According to data published by Canalys, Apple closed 2021 with 19.1 million iPads shipped. Amazon ranked second with almost half and a total of 10.9 million devices shipped, while Samsung, third, sold 7.9 million tablets.

However, iPad sales were down 17% from 2020. Comparing the fourth quarter of 2021 to the same period last year, sales fell 31% to 12.7 million. Canalys also confirms that supply constraints have held back iPad sales, but other competitors have still managed to catch up. Additionally, Apple tablets had their boom amid the pandemic and today many families own at least one.

Overall, the PC industry grew by 1% in 2021. HP remains in first place with 25.9 million PCs sold, while Apple came in fourth with 10 million Macs and annual growth of 12%.

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